Best Home Organization

Is the inside of your home in desperate need of organization?

Do you have a garage, shed, or other work/storage area outside, that is in desperate need of organization? 

If so, we can help – ask us about this special service!

Whether you just need us to sort through your personal property, while you tell us what to take away, or maybe you need us to organize what you have using a custom made workbench, peg board, bins with shelves, and hanging hooks, we can provide a resourceful and cost effective solution.

Please take a look at the pictures below, which show multiple completed outside projects, and different storage solutions….

Rod Holders
Best Junk Removal, LLC….Rod Storage
Custom Wood Work Bench with attached Peg Board
Best Junk Removal, LLC….Custom Made Workbench with Attached Peg Board
Best Junk Removal, LLC….Finished Custom Made Workbench, against Wall to Wall Peg Board
Custom Wood Bookshelf
Best Junk Removal, LLC….Custom Made Wood Shelves
storage 3
Best Junk Removal, LLC….Hanging Hooks for Storage & Portable Plastic Storage Shelves
Custom Wood Storage Bin
Best Junk Removal, LLC….Custom Made Paint Storage Bin – Hung on Concrete Wall in Basement
Best Junk Removal, LLC….Wall to Wall Peg Board for Hanging Anything