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Best Junk Removal, LLC

We remove any type of junk, rubbish, or trash….whether it is one TV or a complete home clean out….no job too small or too big!

We do demolition too – houses, mobile homes, pools, small buildings.

Ask about our dumpster service….we rent those too!

We can also arrange to pick up other things which most junk removal companies won’t take – paint containers for example. You name it, and we pick it up!

No other company in our industry can compete with our price per load, our price per cubic yard/cubic foot, or our price per pick up!

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Why use us?

  • Veteran Owned and Operated.
  • We will give you a credit off of the service charge for sell-able items.
  • We can help you move a few things around, no extra charge!
  • We give you a quote up front….no surprises, no call centers, and no online forms to fill out. And 3 out of 4 of our estimates are spot on. If we will require more money (or less), we will tell you upon arrival, and it will not cost you anything if you decide not to do the service.
  • We are local, and same day service is available.
  • Most capacity per load in the business, which means better pricing for every size job (20 cubic yards or 537 cubic feet; 16.5 cubic yards/441 cubic feet without recyclables)…..loads are pro-rated based upon volume.
  • We utilize a Bobcat whenever required, for better efficiency and pricing.
  • We are ECO friendly and keep as much as we can out of the landfills. In fact, we recycle or reuse a large portion of what we pick up. In 2017, we recycled more than 50 tons of metal, which is over 100,000 pounds!

Our Price Guarantee:  We strive to be price competitive. That said, if you find a better deal elsewhere, and we can cover our cost, please do allow us to discount that price in order to earn your business. Simply tell us the better price and competitor’s name, and we will try to make it happen!

In South Carolina, we serve Spartanburg, Greer, Greenville, Anderson, Greenwood, and all surrounding areas, up to 90 miles from Spartanburg. We will travel longer distances for larger jobs such as hoarding house clean-ups, estate clean-outs, and commercial assignments.

We specialize in Estate Clean-outs, Hoarding House Clean-outs, Foreclosure/Eviction Clean-outs, Commercial Building Clean-outs, and odd removal jobs such as:

Hot Tubs, Trampolines, Riding Lawn-Mowers, Old Cars, Metal or Wood Sheds, Above-Ground Pools, and the list goes on – literally anything, and if it’s bulk hazardous waste, we can handle that too (we broker it) – manufacturing plant shut downs for example!

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Many in this business are not insured or they are under-insured.

Best Junk Removal Insurance

Make sure you are dealing with a legitimate business, because if someone is injured or hurt on your property, if they steal from you, if they damage your property while removing your junk, or if they dispose of your property improperly, you may be financially responsible.

Our commercial clients include:  Rubicon Global, Hampton Inn, Cube Smart, Coldwell Banker Caine, Drayton, Johnson Development, DRM Waste Management, and many more companies including – manufacturers, waste brokers, service brokers, real estate companies and investors/landlords.

We utilize 2500 pick-up trucks (3.5 cubic yard capacity, 96 cubic feet) and pull large dump trailers (16.5 cubic yard capacity, 441 cubic feet).

We go a half foot over the top in both the trailer and the truck, so you get a total of 20 cubic yards of space (assuming you have recyclables, which are placed in the truck; 16.5 cubic yards if you have no recyclables).

Best Junk Removal, LLC
Dump Trailer
Best Junk Removal, LLC
Dump Trailer
Best Junk Removal, LLC

For specific pricing, take a look at the “pricing” page. Please do call us in any case, because pricing varies greatly by many different factors, such as where we are on a given day.

Our prices start @ $65 (minimum stop charge) for one item, and go up to $495 for a full dumpster/trailer load….prorated per load….for example, a one third load would cost $165 (33% of $495).

Prices are set and determined by the volume taken, how long it takes to load your junk, how many people we need to move your junk, where you are, where we are on a given day, and whether or not we can resell what you have.

For example, we picked up a large floor TV, for a customer who was located on our way to another client. They happened to call at just the right time, and we charged only $65, because the job required very little time (and we had room for it)….so don’t delay – call us today!

Check out our 5 star reviews on Facebook!

Please call today for a free “no obligation” quote (864-804-7034)!