Best Junk Removal

Please call today for a free “no obligation” quote (864-804-7034)!

Best Junk Removal, LLC


We remove any type of junk, rubbish, or trash – same day service is available.

We can also arrange to pick up other things such as hazardous materials and similar items that cannot be landfilled. You name it, and we pick it up.

Got a hot tub, trampoline, or a mobile home that you need removed from your property – no problem!

How about the following services:  hoarding house clean-ups, business closings/clean-outs, manufacturing plant shut-downs, and hazardous waste removal….we do that too!

We are licensed, insured, and veteran owned. Many in this business are not insured or they are underinsured.

Make sure you are dealing with a legitimate business, because if someone is injured or hurt on your property, if they damage your property while removing your junk, or if they dispose of your waste improperly, you may be financially responsible.

Best Junk Removal Insurance

Our commercial clients include:

Strategic Management Partners:

Cube Smart:

Coldwell Banker Caine:

We utilize a long bed pick-up truck, and pull one of two trailers – a 12’x7’x2′ utility trailer with high sides on the front half (with a ramp) , or a 14’x7’x4′ dump trailer, which we use for larger residential jobs and commercial pick-ups (especially construction debris and loose trash/junk).

The larger trailer has the capacity of a 15 cubic yard dumpster, and we are able to spot this trailer over a weekend or for 24 hours during the week (for emergency clean ups).

For a free quote, just give us a call @ 864-804-7034. We are not a broker like Angie’s List or Thumbtack. We will answer the phone, and give you a quote during your call….no waiting at all!

In some cases, we will pay you for materials we take; for example, sellable items (in good condition) such as appliances, and certain furniture pieces.

As an added service (not required for a pickup), we can also provide a garage/shed/work space organization and decluttering service – see the “Resourceful Storage Solutions” page (RSS). 

Once we remove your junk, we can provide a quote for this service if desired. If you need only the organization & decluttering service, we can do just that – call for an appointment….

For pricing, take a look at the “Pricing” page. Please do call us in any case, because pricing varies greatly by many different factors, such as where we are on a given day.

For example, we picked up a large TV, for a customer who was located on our way to another client. They happened to call at just the right time, and we charged only $50, because the job required very little time (and we had room for it)….so don’t delay – call us today!


Please call today for a free “no obligation” quote (864-804-7034)!