Please call today for a free “no obligation” quote (864-804-7034)!

Our prices start @ $125 for a one item pick up (couch or mattress), and go up to $495 for a full dumpster load of junk. Large clean-ups typically are priced per load, but can include a labor upcharge for attics, basements and other factors that increase load time. Light demolition and odd jobs are quoted in person, by the job.

All loads are pro-rated, so you only pay for the volume you use. For example, a 1/3 load would be $165 ($495 x 33%). A 1/2 load would be $245 ($495 x 50%). A 3/4 load would be $370 ($495 x 75%).

One full load is about 4 to 5 regular pick up truck loads of anything, or the size of a standard construction dumpster. One pick up truck load of anything, for example, would be around $145.

Dumpster Rentals are $495, and are for 24 hours or from a Friday to Monday….

When you call, we will ask the following questions, in order to determine an accurate estimate:

  • City/Location?
  • What do you need taken away?
  • How many regular pickup truck loads of junk would you estimate you have? 
  • Will anything require more than 2 people to move/load?
  • Are there any special circumstances such as a basement, attic, stairs to climb, or is the load point far away from the material being taken away?
  • Are there any hazardous waste items such as paint, thinners, pesticides, gasoline, or oil? How much and what size containers?
  • Is there anything that is sell-able and in good condition?

After we ask these questions, we will give you an estimated price over the phone.

This is an estimate only, and it can change when we look at what you have (more or less). 

However, we will not charge you anything if you do not like the final price, and 3 out of 4 of our estimates are spot on….so don’t worry about that. All estimates for specific items and jobs are firm.

We do charge a $75 cancellation fee for any cancellations within 24 hours of the service. We hire labor well in advance of all jobs, and it costs money if you cancel last minute.