This business was started by David Akridge, after his job was eliminated in a corporate restructuring (August of 2015). He looked for another job for about 8 months before deciding to start a business.

Out of desperation and a simple gut feeling to do this, he started Best Junk Removal in Spartanburg, SC.

David tried himself (in 2015) to find someone dependable to come and pick up junk from his home. He could not find anyone, or even get a call back.

He finally found someone, but they showed up late, and they did not appear to be people he wanted near his home….they were uninsured as well.

So he did some research after losing his job, and found out that (in fact) there are very few reliable junk removal companies in the area, and that there was a tremendous need for this type of service.

David already had a pick-up truck, so he placed an add on Craig’s List, and after only two days, he booked his first service – $200 for 30 minutes of work!

In May of 2016, David bought another truck and added two trailers in order to better serve his customers. After forming an LLC in June of 2016, he began the business full time – business is rolling to say the least!

Thank you to all of our customers who have made this business possible!